First Giveaway!!
Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2011| ✎ 5 Awesome

haii..!!first time anis buad giveaway..!! wawawa..!! hehehe.. happy jugak lol..!
sape2 nk masuk giveaway anis.. sila ikut syarat2 di bawah..!! :D
actually buad entry biarlah ayat yang sedap3..!! baru menang!

  1. follow blog Anis (wajib)
  2. Tulis satu entry about First Giveway Of Anis's Story
  3. tag 3 org!! MAKESURE diorang tahu!
  4. bagi link entry di komen..!! bkn link blog ok!
  5. tamat tempoh 20.7.2011
  6. klik sini..  then like!! (wajib)
  7. follow this blog ni (wajib)

edit blog + makeover ~ Anis (owner)
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doodle  (3 doodles)  ~kak nadhirah amalina
header (2 header)     ~kak nana comel

Art trade with rainbowxcake
here you go Chesca. :D sorry if too many rainbow colour :( have no idea what colour to choose. :P hope you like it. :D
ni contoh kak nadhirah buad..!! comel kan3?? ha..!!

nye nyepp!!

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