I Want To Change.. ! Give me a Change.. :(
Posted on Sunday, October 16, 2011| ✎ 3 Awesome

hai korang, blog anis bertukar wajah.. hum new look.. and new life? yeah ! anis skarang dah pndai bad mood.. :( sejak hanan buang AM dlm BBB :( OMG urghh so boring,,, antara anis and BBB ialah byk salah faham.. bagi Anis jer.. :> maybe allah bagi ujian kat Anis.. :( anis reda saja.. ape pun, anis tetap bersyukur still ade lagi org sukakan anis.. :) tapi x best BBB x der.. :( blog Anis dah musnah.. yg comel sikit dah burukk byk.. :'( .. ayoyoyyy.. theme kali ini purple? hurm x per lah.. warna pape pon.. 

to BBB : anis nak minta maaf byk2.. ikhlas dari hati anis.. i was regret... damn..! uh.. walaupon BBB still marah and sakit hati ngan anis x per lah.. asalkan u allz dapat maafkan Anis.. maybe anis sgt terukk.. -_-" korang i miss you..♥ add /app me at BBB.. :( forgive me.. i want to change my life.. do not force people/bloggers , do not lying , don't be copycat and haters.. i'm promise that i will be good for BBB and for myself.. :)

BBB I MISS YOU.. :( I AM IN BAD MOOD.. NOW.. :( btw how about my blog's skin?? hehe.. comment if you like it.. hoho.. :) and BBB hope give me a change.. :)
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